Britain-China Cultural Communication Centre (herein, the Centre) has been established as a non-governmental organisation for the purpose of promoting communication between the UK and China in the areas of culture, science and technology, education, business and trading. It encourages mutual understanding and builds up cooperation between the two countries. Registered in England and Wales as a non-profit company limited by guarantee, the Centre applies for grants from the government, enterprise and other organisations.

With a broad network, the Centre can project large cultural communication events, such as exhibitions, performance, and science and technology international fairs between the UK and China. It plays an important role in promoting the export and import of cultural products.

The Centre has built high-level connections with embassies, consulates, overseas organisations and companies, and provides the excellent international public relationship service for government and enterprise in the two counties.

In order to meet the high-speed reform and development in China, the Centre has been cooperating with UK universities and training institutes, and has designed internal training courses for governmental strategic decisions and enterprise management. The purpose is to train high officials and managers with innovation consciousness, modern management skills, and up-to-date knowledge, and to help foster social progress and development.

For education, the Centre promotes various short- and long-term study and research projects for the teachers and students of all institutions from primary school to university, builds a good branding for Britain-China education and training, and develops forward-looking education and management thought. The summer and winter camps launched by the Centre have greatly improved mutual understanding of the history, culture and society of the UK and China.

The 2012 London Olympic Games will become the focus of world attention. As a multi-racial and multi-cultural international metropolitan, London needs extensive cultural communications for its Olympics, in addition to the various forms of commercial participation. Beijing’s success in its last Olympics will no doubt provide references for London. The Olympics is about to boost the cooperation between the UK and China, and this is also the focus of the Centre.

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