Coordination on the TV Shooting of the Jing Cai Olympics


The Britain-China Cultural Communication Centre (BCCCC) today proudly announced that it will be the only corporation partner from UK with Beijing Borui Sports Development Ltd., Chinese Central Television 5 (CCTV-5) and the Crystal Castle Arts Studio for the TV production of Jing Cai Olympics.

Meeting with Miss Guo Jingjing and the CCTV crew at Britain-China Cultural Communication Centre

CCTV-5 is the most favourable sports channel in China, and the programme is to rediscover London and the Olympics through the eyes of Miss Guo Jingjing – a Chinese female diver who has won more Olympic medals than any other female divers (see also China has a large population of 1.37 billion, and the 2008 Olympic Games attracted over 10 billion Chinese audiences. A large part of Chinese audiences selected television to focus or to accept the Olympic information. A huge number of TV viewers in China will become an important part of the London Olympics audiences. As the only Chinese Olympic broadcast platform, CCTV is not only the most powerful Chinese media, but also the most powerful international media.

Britain-China Cultural Communication Centre has been established as a non-governmental organisation for the purpose of promoting communication between the UK and China in the areas of culture, science and technology, education, business and trading. It encourages mutual understanding and builds up cooperation between the two countries. The 2012 London Olympic Games will become the focus of world attention. As a multi-racial and multi-cultural international metropolitan, London needs extensive cultural communications for its Olympics, in addition to the various forms of commercial participation. Beijing’s success in its last Olympics will no doubt provide references for London. The Olympics is surely boosting the cooperation between the UK and China. Jing Cai Olympics created by CCTV with concentrated attention will attract more Chinese audiences for the London Olympic Games and the Britain-China Cultural Communication Centre will endeavour to make things happen and be successful.

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