Teach in China 2017


Due to funding issues, this project is currently on hold.

Mission to China – “Teach English and Teach in English”

Fast growing China need a closer working relationship with international countries and firms, English as a working language is always demanding in China. While China is host to over 50,000 English language schools, and spends billions of dollars on English language learning each year, China ranks towards the bottom in English proficiency, both internationally and among its Asian peers. This could put the country’s economic competitiveness at risk, and could jeopardise China’s future economic growth.

We have been working closely with schools from central and west of China, where economy grows slower than coastal cities, and helping them look for volunteer students who are keen to share their English skills with the children, and learn about their lives in return.  It’ll be an unforgettable, purposeful journey into China’s centuries-old traditions and culture of today.

Teaching the children and share your talents is hugely satisfying, a high feel-good factor! You don’t need any qualifications to teach, but you will learn new skills while you teach. And you are not just teaching English as a language, but also teaching your choice of subject in English to children. You’ll benefit the children and also gain valuable skills and experience yourself.

Journey Arrangement

We will be funding your travel and accommodation in China. And when you land in China, you’ll be picked up by our staff and collaboration partners. During the 3-weeks’ time, you’ll be staying at the school’s dormitories and having your meals with the students and other teachers at the school dining hall. Weekends will be refreshing and rewarding – Enjoy the sponsored trips to the great natures and historical sites in central China.


Class Structure, Topics and Activities

Classes are from Primary schools (aged 7-13), and Junior (13-16) and senior high schools (16-19), so their English skills are from basic to medium levels. General English sessions will cover the 4 areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and in other sessions, English will simply be used as a tool to topical talks and interactive activities. Use of the language in real life is the best to improve their English skills in all ways.

Teaching assistants will be accompanying. They will help coordinating the class and other issues with the management team.


Training and Orientation

There will be a brief but intensive training for the successful candidates before their setting-off. We will help you get familiar with the new environment and tasks to do. Mock teaching will be applied and advices will be given.


The applicant must be a university student at any degree level, fluent in spoken and written English. You don’t have to know any Chinese language or have had any teaching experience before, although some previous involvement would be a plus.

The courses and topics can be rather flexible, so you need use initiative and be self-motivated to plan your class. “While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca.

As there will be some after-class activities as well, we are looking for an easy-going and out-going you to take part in the interactive projects and activities.

How to Apply?

Please download the Application Form by clicking the below link, and try to finish and send it back as soon as possible. Although we don’t have a strict deadline, we’ll have to stop taking in late applications when enough candidates have been found. So please be quick.

Application Form for TeachInChina2017



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